Our Most Favorite Family Recipes

In our kitchen, most recipes have a special memory or story behind them, and I am sure it’s the same for your family. We are passionate about good food made with quality ingredients that provide benefits enjoyed in every recipe we make.


Today, I am happy to share how simple ingredients come together to deliver tastes of love that your whole family will enjoy in my family’s round-up of their favorite family recipes, including my own.

Stan Loves Oat Waffles

I love making oat waffles every weekend. If there are any leftovers, I put them into the freezer for other days of the week when we are in a hurry or when I am traveling and short on time to make breakfast- I know Stan has a good option for his breakfast by just popping one from the freezer into the toaster.

I got this delicious waffle recipe from Stan’s mother many years ago. She often used sunflower seeds in this recipe- it was her favorite. Stan loves this 6-ingredient waffle recipe made with the love of our Organic Sprouted Quick Oats-you can rest assured that breakfasts and snack time will deliver the perfect balance of nutrition and mouth-watering flavor!

Make this delicious & easy oat waffle recipe!

Alonna Loves Oat Burgers

When I asked Alonna what one of her favorite recipes was, I received a quick response. I love and crave oat burgers, says Alonna- it reminds her of family picnics. They freeze well, and she often makes a sandwich filling by mashing them and adding chopped pickles and mayo for another option.

These oat burgers made with our Organic Sprouted Rolled Oats serve wholesome bites of sprouted nutrition in soft Sprouted Spelt Flour buns that will become a family favorite at any dinner table.

Try these mouth-watering oat burgers for yourself!

Sondra Loves Brown Rice Crispy Chocolate Walnut Truffles

When I asked Sondra for one of her family’s favorite recipes, she told me it had to be the Brown Rice Chocolate Walnut Truffles. Sondra said that this recipe has long been one of her favorite desserts, and it’s easy enough to make alongside the kids who love to get their little hands in on the action.

She mentioned that the fillings of the truffles are “so good it often gets eaten straight out of the bowl before making it into complete truffles!”

These truffles are made with the sprouted nutrition and organic crunch of our Sprouted Gluten-free Cereals, dark chocolate, walnuts, and the sweetness of dates that will satisfy your sweet-tooth with simple ingredients.

Delight in these brown rice crispy chocolate walnut truffles!

Kathy Loves Oatmeal Cookies

My favorite is the oatmeal cookie recipe. I can make these cookies without having to peek at the recipe (that’s how many times I’ve made them). If guests are coming over, this is my go-to cookie recipe for many reasons. One, the house smells great, and two, the cookie jar is full (never for too long!). You can freeze these on a cookie sheet, store them in a container, and grab a cookie out of the freezer for a treat that is guaranteed to be both tasty and nutritious.

These cookies are made with the love of our Sprouted Spelt Flour and Sprouted Rolled Oats blend in this easy-to-follow recipe that was shared with me by my good friend Risë.

Whisk up a batch of these chewy and tasty oatmeal cookies!

From dinners to snacks, breakfasts, and even on-the-go lunch treats, there will always be an easy family recipe to help inspire your love of baking and the tastes of love that start at home. Find recipes with our range of sprouted oats, flours, granolas, and delicious bread in our Family Recipes made with love and the love of simple ingredients.

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