Cooperativa Manduvira

At One Degree Organics, we make it a priority to thoroughly research every single ingredient that goes into our products and we continually travel the world to find farmers that meet our high standards and share our commitment to plant-based cultivation and fair-trade practices.

When we were looking for pure organic molasses to add natural sweetness and nutritional value to our Corn Flakes cereal, it made perfect sense to turn to the Manduvira Cooperative in southern Paraguay, a source we knew we could trust.

We had already visited the cooperative, met the farmers, and saw firsthand how they grow and process pure organic cane sugar. Molasses is the dark, sweet, syrupy byproduct made during the extraction of sugars from sugarcane.

Manduvira is an impressive example of what a cooperative can accomplish when there is solidarity, support, and a desire to grow and improve. It was founded in 1975 by a small group of teachers and family farmers striving to work together to improve their livelihood and community.

Today the co-op has almost 1,000 members and is a leading producer and exporter of certified organic, non-GMO sugar. They are committed to organic cultivation and processing, as well as to ingredient and supply chain transparency.

Earning international organic certification and partnering with global fair-trade groups and companies like One Degree Organic Foods has helped the Manduvira Cooperative increase profits, income stability, and independence for its members.

“Fair-trade helped open our eyes to the possibilities, see past our poverty and empower small producers. We’ve established a stable market with a good price, and our cooperative system allows the benefits to reach the farmers directly,” says André Gonzales Aguilera, General Manager of Manduvira Sugar Cooperative Ltd. “We’ve already seen a great improvement in the lives of our member producers.”

The co-op supports its members and contributes to the community in many ways, from providing seeds, organic compost and tools to reforestation efforts, infrastructure upgrades and making sure children have access to school.

Looking to the future, the co-op’s mission is to be a leader in the organic movement in Paraguay and the world.

“We want to promote clean, healthy growing practices that protect the environment and are respectful of people,” explains Aguilera. “We would love Manduvira to be a teaching place. We think the future is in taking care of the environment so we’re confident we’re on the right path.”

The One Degree family couldn’t agree more. We are proud to support Manduvira’s cooperative of ethical, forward-thinking farmers and are deeply committed to nurturing a sustainable, healthier future for all people, communities and the planet.

Thank you for supporting our efforts. We hope you enjoy the sweet aromatic flavor that pure organic molasses adds to our delicious and nutritious Sprouted Corn Flakes cereal.