River Valley Specialty Farms

One Degree Organics has always been passionate about the quality of ingredients that go into our products, and we are delighted that more and more consumers today are recognizing the importance of knowing where their food comes from and are making wiser, more health-conscious dietary choices.

Organic hemp seeds – also known as hemp hearts – are considered one of the world’s most nutrient-rich and beneficial “super foods”. They are a great source of plant-based protein, two essential fatty acids and fiber, as well as vitamin E, calcium, iron and other minerals. The seeds give us energy, help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and contribute to a stronger immune system. They also add a delicious, mild nutty flavour to our Sprouted Honey Hemp Granola!

We source organic hemp seeds from River Valley Specialty Farms in the Assiniboine River Valley in Southern Manitoba, an area that has the ideal climate, soil and air quality for growing hemp.

River Valley Specialty Farms is owned and operated by James and Kristen, a brother-sister team committed to organic farming and sustainable farming practices. They have successfully transitioned 2,000 acres of land, originally used by their parents to grow potatoes and conventional grains, into organic production.

Crops are planted in rotation and green manure is used for fertilization to enhance soil health and sustainability. In between hemp crops, plant-based products like peas and oats are grown and tilled back into the land, regenerating the soil.

It takes patience to be an organic farmer. Many consumers wonder why it costs more to buy organic. “The whole growing process is different,” explains James. “You have to look at the bigger picture and long-term vision of what is needed to produce a healthy hemp crop and maintain a sustainable farm.”

River Valley Specialty Farms is the grower, producer and the processor of hemp hearts. “Being vertically integrated means we can trace the hemp we are shipping to One Degree Organics all the way back to the field where it was produced,” says Kristen. “It’s a lot of record keeping but worth it. Should a problem arise, we can deal with it immediately.”

It takes a wide range of knowledge and skill to make an organic farm run well, and James and Kristen are a great team. James takes care of the farming operations and production, while Kristen handles all the marketing, sales, certifications and regulations.

“I want people to know that when they are eating products that have River Valley hemp as an ingredient that it is grown with love from the very start to the very end. It’s not always easy, but we love what we do and have an amazing team. We all do our best to bring the healthiest product to you,” says Kristen.

One Degree Organics is proud to support such ethical forward-thinking farmers. Next time you have some of our Sprouted Honey Hemp Granola, take a moment to savour the delicious nutty taste and nutritional goodness of this “super ingredient”.